Terms of Service

Thank you for visiting Textun.com. This website is the sole property of Textun. As you view the website, access the information, and use the resources, products and services with the tools provided, you are stating you understand and are agreeing to accept, as well as adhere to, the terms and conditions outlined below in this document, which will be known henceforward as the “User Agreement.” In addition, you are also agreeing to adhere to and accept the terms and conditions as outlined in our Privacy Policy, which you can refer to below for further information.

In effect beginning Oct 12, 2012.

Textun has the right to change the User Agreement at any time without prior notification. By accessing the website, you agree and accept that you are solely responsible for intermittently reviewing the User Agreement to make yourself aware of any changes to it, and that by continuing to use the website after changes have been made, you have accepted and are aware of the changes to the terms and conditions.

User Conduct and Responsibility

When you visit the Textun website and make use of it to access information, or use its resources, products, and services and the tools that are provided for your use (henceforth called “services”), whether directly or indirectly, you are agreeing to make use of all services as permitted and planned a) in the User Agreement and b) according to all applicable laws and regulations and according to generally accepted practices.

You are aware that:

  1. When you visit the Textun website, we may require that you provide information about yourself (such as an address or telephone number) in order to access the services or to place an order. By entering this information, you confirm that it is true and current.
  2. It is your responsibility to keep the information you use to log onto an account on the website confidential. In addition, you are also solely responsible for any activity associated with your account(s).
  3. Trying to access, or accessing, any services on the website in any ways other than those we offer is forbidden. In addition, you agree that you will not access, or attempt to access, any services using any unethical, mechanized or alternative methods.
  4. You are forbidden from activities designed to interrupt or interfere with our services, which also includes the equipment and network used to connect or access these services.
  5. If you do engage in any activity, such as those listed above, that results in unauthorized access to our services and we experience any damages, losses or any other consequences as a result, directly or indirectly, you could be held criminally or civilly liable.
  6. There may be several methods of unrestricted communication provided on the Textun website, like blog posts, comment sections, forums, reviews, newsgroups, social media, etc. You are aware that content published by anyone using these methods is not monitored or pre-screened. If you decide to post any content to the Textun website, you are responsible for using the available methods both conscientiously and ethically. You agree that you will not publish, distribute or share content that:
  7. is illegal; threatens, defames, abuses, harasses, degrades, or intimidates someone; is falsified, deceptive, offensive, racist or any language that could be considered lewd, unacceptable or explicit.
  8. makes infringements on any trademark, patent, or copyright, shares trade secrets, or infringes on the rights of any party.

iii. includes any form of prohibited or unsolicited advertising.

iiii. involves you impersonating or pretending to be someone else, including someone who works for or represents Textun.

Textun has the right to delete any content we deem as noncompliant with the User Agreement, along with content that is found to be harmful, offending, false, or infringing upon the copyrights or trademarks of any 3rd party. We will not claim responsibility for not removing, or delaying the removal of, this type of content. As a user of the Textun website, you consent to the removal of such content, as well as waive all claims that might be made against us.

  1. Textun is not liable for content written by its users or 3rd party entities. Any content you post using the available communication methods on the website, as long as these posts don’t infringe on any copyrights or trademarks, will be owned by Textun. By posting content on the site, you give us exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free rights to do with it as we please, including modifying, distributing, displaying, translating, replicating or publishing it. This applies only to content that is posted using the available communication methods we provide on our website, and not to any part of the process to order our services. The privacy policy covers all of the information gathered during the registration process.
  2. If you do anything to violate the User Agreement, you agree to not hold Textun, its parent company, its affiliates, or any representative or employee of the company accountable for any losses, damages, expenses or costs, including legal fees, that are the result of violations or failure to make proper use of your account. This also applies to anyone else who used the account. We have the right to take over any defense regarding claims that we are permitted for compensation under the User Agreement. If any such event occurs, when reasonably requested, you will provide us with your cooperation.

User Privacy

We respect the privacy of our users and have created a separate Privacy Policy that details how we collect, secure, store, process and manage all your personal information. The privacy policy is a part of the User Agreement. You can click here to read the entire privacy policy.

Liability Limitations

As previously explained in the Limitation of Warranties, as written above, you agree and are aware that claims made against Textun are limited to the amount that you may have paid for the use of any of our services and/or products. We are not liable for any losses or damages, whether direct, indirect, accidental or incidental, you may incur by using our services or as a result of modifications, loss of data, data corruption, cancellations, inability to access or downtime permitted by any applicable limitation of liability laws.


All of the content and resources found on the Textun website, which may include text, graphics, logos, images, computer code and the website name, are intellectual property owned by Textun. As such, we are protected by those copyright and trademark laws that apply. Unless permitted by Textun, any use of these materials or content, including distribution, reproduction, transmission or display, is forbidden.

User Termination

If we find you are in violation of this User Agreement, we can discontinue or terminate access to any part of our website, as well as its services, without prior notification. If we suspect any illegal, fraudulent or harmful activity, it could be considered grounds to terminate your relationship with us, and we may inform the appropriate legal authorities. If you are suspended or terminated from our website, your access to our services will cease immediately. We also have the right to delete or remove any information that you have on file with us, which includes login and account information.

Governing Law

Textun has exclusive control of this website. The website may be accessed by users around the world. When accessing the Textun website, you are agreeing to follow all laws and statutes of the state in which we are located, as long as they do not conflict with the laws and the United Nations Convention on the International Sales of Goods, and they apply to all matters regarding the use of this website and all services or products that are purchased through it.

Any actions deemed necessary to enforce this User Agreement will be taken to the applicable federal or state courts. You agree to the right of jurisdiction by these courts, and give up any objections regarding the venue or jurisdiction of the courts.


Textun refutes any and all warranties and conditions, either implied or expressed, including the implied merchantability guarantees and conditions, suitability for any purpose and non-infringement, unless otherwise stated.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions, concerns or comments regarding the Terms of Service as it has been written, contact us here.