Get a complete A-Z on-page and off-page SEO report
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If you are having difficulty trying to rank your website on Google
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getting an SEO report is the best way to optimize your website and rank higher.

Textun provides you with personalized SEO reports consisting of over 80 pages of specific recommendations and steps to guide you throughout the optimization process:

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We will provide you step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. Our report outlines specifically how to optimize your website, even if you are not experienced in SEO.

Textun’s SEO report shows your website's optimization status, and lists the problems that keep you from achieving higher rankings. Our report lists the strength and weakness of your site and suggests advice based on the analysis of your site with 10 top competitors, with the keywords of your choice. The report is the first step in any successful SEO campaign, since it cuts down a lot of the manual work that you would otherwise have to do yourself.

On-page SEO addresses the coding and content of your site. It is the foundation of any successful SEO campaign. Textun’s SEO reports succeed by analyzing multiple on-page factors. We will teach you exactly how to build and optimize your website. Another aspect of SEO is off-page SEO. Backlinks can account for up to half of a website’s success with search engine’s results. Textun understands this. Our report will help you track and monitor the quality and number of your site’s backlinks.

Textun provides all reports in PDF or HTML format. If requested, we can also provide a white-label version.

Textun’s SEO report includes all the following reports:

Entire Website Structure Audit ReporthelpThis report entails on-page SEO factors relevant to your whole website. It helps you diagnose problem spots through all the website pages and ensure that you system works cleanly and without error. This report gives you key insight into HTML code validity on pages, coding aspects, usage issues with titles and meta-description, external and internal link structure, and more.see example

Page Structure Audit ReporthelpThis report informs you on the specific page's coding check and crawlability and helps you to locate structural issues on the page. With this report you can make sure that the page has its own title and meta-description of a proper length. The report also shows popularity on social media as well as general factors for ranking (Google PR, etc.).see example

Page Optimization Audit ReporthelpThis report outlines the content optimization recommendations for your website. It shows the rate for the overall optimization of the specific page and lets you see how well every HTML element is optimized. The report provides optimization tips for the title, headings, meta-description, anchor texts, body text, and so on, based on the top 10 competitor sites analysis. It helps you decide easily how many keywords you require in order to have top rankings and where to place these keywords.see example

Site Load Time and Webpage Size ReporthelpThis report allows you to monitor your site loading time and your webpage size, and compare them to those of the top 10 ranking competitors.see example

Search Engine View ReporthelpThis report allows you to view your website the way search engines view it. You can diagnose which keywords on your webpage seem the most important for search engines and what changes you can do to improve your site rankings.see example

Website Backlinks Analysis ReporthelpThis report allows you to view your site's backlink structure completely. Diagrams and visual charts help you to understand easily the situation of the link building. Discover how many backlinks your site has, where the links come from, and what PR they are. Find their SEO value by viewing which is no-follow, reciprocal, restricted from indexing, etc. Find what the most frequent anchor texts are and discover the best sources for backlinks.see example

Website Backlinks ListhelpThis report contains a list of all the website backlinks, including their URLs, with the most relevant SEO metrics (PR and Alexa Rank). The report helps you to easily estimate the SEO value of every backlink.see example

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