Quality eBook writing by professional writers
that is produced to your exact specifications and will exceed your expectations.

Whether you intend to sell your eBook as a standalone product or a free download to promote your brand, you need something that is professionally written to attract your customers. Giving away or sharing an eBook is the ideal medium for marketing, branding, education or just plain pleasure.

Textun has experienced and talented authors who can create a substantive eBook to your exact specifications. Our brilliant staff of writers and editors produces eBooks that offer real value to your readers.

All our eBook writers have many years of experience in crafting eBooks on a wide variety of topics. All are native English speakers and have undergraduate university degrees in English, Communications, Journalism or related disciplines. Our award-winning editors are similarly trained and experienced.

Our employees are experts in research. We use the most advanced and efficient methods of information and data gathering available.
The written eBooks are 100% unique, checked using Copyscape, and formatted with appropriate chapters and subheadings.
Of course, we also transfer all copyrights, so you’ll have exclusive rights to all material.

Quality control is the cornerstone of our eBook writing service. Once our writers produce a draft, we use two editors who
assiduously line edit and proofread the material. If necessary, it will be sent back to the author for further revision.
Our procedures, honed through years of practice and experience, allows us to offer quick turnarounds for all your eBook needs but without compromising on the high-quality final product that we pride ourselves on producing.

How does it work?

Textun offers a comprehensive eBook writing solution based on your specific needs. We manage the entire eBook writing process for you and use a simple, efficient, and cost-effective method of producing an eBook that will meet your requirements:
  • You have the general area or topic you want written about but are not sure how to develop it – no problem! We can offer you options, develop an outline, and together create a sound basis for your eBook. Alternatively, you can also come to us with a particular idea, outline or even partially chapters or manuscript and we will use that to craft the perfect eBook for your needs.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • We work closely with you every step of the way. We will provide you with an outline for your approval before completing the eBook.
  • We offer unlimited revisions within a week of completion to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

If you have any questions, or if you are looking for a quote on a longer eBook, please contact us, and we will do our best to assist you!

The ordering process is simple.

Fill in your email address where you want us to send the completed product. Choose the desired genre and include the subject matter required. Tell us the length (word count/number of pages) of your desired eBook and provide us with all the relevant information for your eBook.
Your email address:


Word count:
(Please provide, in as much detail as possible, any specific instructions
or content required for your eBook)

3.5 cents/word
* The number of pages is calculated at 300 words per page.
* The price includes proofreading by two expert editors.

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